Fence Repairs in an emergency


Fence Repairs in an emergency Fence Repairs in an emergency Fence Repairs in an emergency

OUR FENCE REPAIR CREWS ARE EXCEPTIONAL AT FIXING BROKEN AND DAMAGED FENCING OF ALL KINDS. CALL US IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE DAMAGE CAN CAUSE MORE FENCING TO FAIL Residential and commercial fences are needed to provide privacy and security, so when they start leaning or breaking down over time or are damaged by storm, it is important to get them fixed by a professional fence company with top quality fence installers.


Most homes have wood fences which look good and provide privacy and security around your home or business. However, vinyl and aluminum fencing is becomming more popular. Chain Link fencing has been around for many years now an is susceptible to falling trees and limbs. With time water (rain and sprinkler overspray), wind, and sun damage can cause a wood fence to rot, warp, and break and chain link to rust. One of the more frequent failures with wood fences is the pickets become warped and detach from the rails and fall off. Another common failure is that the post will rot, and the whole fence will begin to lean and eventually just fall over.


Regardless of whether it is wood, aluminum, vinyl or chain link, when storms come through, we receive a lot of calls from homeowners to fix damaged or leaning fences. Since the most common fence in the area is either wood or vinyl six-foot-tall privacy fence, it is easy to understand how high winds can cause a fence to fail. When high winds are caught by your fence, the force applied to the fence post is tremendous. It is common that the post will snap at the base due to that force due to pre-existing rot or jusst pure brute force of the wind. The soil may also have become softened by rain which will also allow the post to give way. We can look at the condition of your entire fence and help you make the decision as to what parts to repair and which to replace.


Wood or vinyl privacy fencing are constructed with slats. In the case of wood, these slats which usually measure 5/8" x 5 1/2" and can easily warp and twist due to rain, sun, and temperature extremes. We can match your style of fencing and replace the old pickets that are split, twisted, or warped. As for damaged slats of your vinyl fence, since there are many different styles of vinyl fencing, we can only do our best to repair it to it's original style.


Gates are frequently in need of repair and the most common issue to repair is a gate that is sagging, does not close smoothly or has one or more henges that are damaged or broken. This may be caused by a faulty built gate, to begin with, or defective hinges or hinges that were not rated for that particular weight load. Additionally, the last common problem is that the gate post was too small for the width of the gate or not installed to the correct depth to keep the post from leaning. Call us for all your gate repair needs or use the form to the left.


Fence Repair is the stitch in time that saves nine as the 'ole saying goes or in this case "MONEY". No one knows how to handle a fence repair like the guys at Jax Fencing. From a small section to an entire span of fencing, we offer the best quality fence repair in Northeast, Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our aim is to give you confidence that your fence is keeping your property protected from unwanted visitors regardless of human or animal!

Our repair services include:
  • dot Wood Fencing Repair
  • dot Chain Link Fencing Repair
  • dot Aluminum Fencing Repair
  • dot Wrout Iron Fencing Repair
  • dot Vinyl Fencing Repair


If you’re ready to take the first step toward your new fencing click here and get your free quote! If you’re not sure which fencing is right for you, or you have questions about your fencing needs, we can help with that also. From installation to repairs click here, see why we are Northeast Florida’s choice for fencing call (904) 425-3599 or click here to contact us today and see why so many people in Northeast Florida trust Jax Fencing for all their fencing needs. We believe that "GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS" and it is our goal to be a good neighbor to our community. Contact us today to find out more about our fence installation process, and see how we can make you our next happy "GOOD NEIGHBOR". Call us today at (904) 425-3599




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